Small Rounded Stool in Elm #009

Product info

Here’s a small stool made from Elm. Cut from 1 plank, glued, screwed and plugged with Birch dowels. The blemishes/cracks (natural appeal of the wood) are filled with Clear Epoxy so to make them visible but yet soft too touch. The wood has a final coating of natural Hard Wax Oil/Hårdvaxolja, to help prevent stains.

If the size is not quite right for your requirements, get in touch with Triple-R and a made to measure stool in this style can be done for you.

Product details

The tree was originally sawn into planks about 40 years ago in the Värnamo area of Sweden. This plank has now been used by Triple-R to create this low stool, sofa side table or bed side table. If you need a two… no problems, Triple-R can supply you with this. Don’t forget, each creation is unique and identical products cannot be done… thank god 😉
Dimensions are approximately 52×28 cm and height 40.5 cm
Contact me @ if your interrested.