What is Triple-R?


I’m a guy that was born in Sweden, Sollentuna to be exact, but grew up in England from the age of 3. I’ve studied at Lewes Old Grammar School, Worthing Art College and Brunel University (obtained a Bachelor of Technology) specialised in Furniture Design, Graphical Communication and qualified as a teacher in CDT. I’ve worked with set building in London for a few years during the early 1980’s (with a well know set builder Carmel Said) working on both commercial and film sets.

Since the early 90’s I moved back to Sweden and since then to present I’ve been working in the advertising business both as graphic designer, layout artist and picture retoucher. Now it’s time for a change…

Aims for Triple-R

I’ve worked on many projects that require skills with many different materials. I have always had to look into a skips to see if there was anything in there that could be used… going to antique stores, garage boot sales and old farms are great fun and some great items/articles can be found that cost very little. These can then be used by Triple-R in a new  way.

I get a real kick out of creating useful, new and beautiful objects from unwanted or unused materials.


Triple-R creates new furniture from old material but also renovates lighting and simpler upholstery renovations. I’ll also be posting items from other designers that inspire me.

Triple-R is not the only one out there doing this kind of thing but hopefully you’ll find these objects more pleasing to the eye… so keep checking out TRIPLE-R 🙂

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Here are a few of Triple-R's creations and renovations...