Hall bench in reclaimed Oak #010

Product info

This is quite an unusual bench as it’s a plank of Oak that has been sitting out in a field where I live for several years. Last winter I decided to drag this snow, mud and moss covered plank back to my workshop… 4 months later when it had dried out the uncover began. Before sanding I had no idea what sort of wood it was and was very pleasantly surprised that it was Oak and that the splitting and aging must mean that this plank must have sat in the field for many, many years. Couldn’t be more happy with the results 🙂

Product details

Oak plank with the splitting/ageing filled with clear epoxy. Legs of boxed metal. Final finish is with Osmo hard wax oil.

Approx. dimensions are: width = 36cm, length = 195cm and height = 42cm

Price: SOLD

If you are interested in a similar bench in this style get in touch to see possible solutions.

Contact me @ triple-r.se if your interrested.