Small Oak butchers block

Product info

Here’s a small oak butchers block that I’ve made from reclaimed old kitchen counter top. This counter top was originally taken out of a apartment renovation that I did for about 12 years ago and just couldn’t just throw the oak away. Even though this type of counter top isn’t my most favourite of materials it still deserves a future life 😉


Product details

This small test before I produce bigger items will go through a few weeks of testing to see how it holds up. It might well need a metal band around it to keep it from splitting… we’ll see what happens with this prototype.

Approx. dimensions are: width = 27cm, length = 35cm and height = 13cm

Price: 1400:-

Contact me @ if your interrested.

If the size is not quite right for your requirements, get in touch with Triple-R and a made to measure bench can be done for you.