Two 'Dalarna' benches #013

Product info

Here you see two traditional benches from the Dalarna area in Sweden. Age of these are unknown. But I believe these to be at least 30 years old due to the weathering.

Product details

These two benches have had a some work done on them, being a couple of legs have been replaced as the originals where not possible to reuse. The half stock are pretty split with age and have been filled with black epoxy. The sitting surface have been sanded down to reveal the grain of the wood. Final top surface has been treated with cooked  Linseed oil (Flax). The under part of the benches have been stained black. They sell as a pair or can be bought separately.

dimensions are: width = 28cm, length = 155cm and height = 37cm (legs as you can see stick out slightly wider than the top sitting surface).

Price: on request

Contact me @ if your interrested.