Two tables to a summer house in the Archipelago

Product info

Here are two tables that I made for a very good client. They both ended up at their summer house in the Stockholm archipelago.

Ended up being quite a effort to deliver the tables to the island… my old van drove to the ferry over to the larger island (close to the clients island). Pick up by client in his not so large boat, then 3 trips later carrying all the parts of the table (plus tools) up a very step incline of about 100 meters. Exhausted but very pleased about the where these two tables have ended up đŸ™‚

Product details

The larger more robust table is made of Elm, with metal under frame and Elm legs. This was designed and made to cope with the out door elements. However it will be out side but with a roof over it year round.

Approx. dimensions are: width = 85/95cm, length = 240cm and height = 74cm

Price: approximately 29000:- (depending of course on what size you want).

The second and indoor table was made from Oak milled in the Värnamo area of Sweden.

Approx. dimensions are: width = 80/83cm, length = 180cm and height = 73cm

Price: approximately 22000:- (depending of course on what size you want).

Contact me @ if your interested.