Here's a small stool or sofa table #006

Product info

Here’s a small sofa table made from a piece of ELM that was cut down and milled about 40 years ago in the Värnamo area of Sweden.

If the size is not quite right for your requirements, get in touch with Triple-R and a made to measure stool in this style can be done for you.

Product details

The table is from 1 plank cut at 45° so that the grain follows around the chair. It’s glued with epoxy and screwed together, blemishes and knotholes are filled with Black Epoxy. The tree bark indentations have been stained black to give a strong contrast. The final result is covered and treated with natural Bees Wax.

Dimensions are approximately 39×28 cm and height 46.5 cm

Price: on request

Contact me @ if your interrested.